Protection From Harm

The Biggest Concern Families have about Community Agency Services is safety and how their Family member will be treated by the Support Staff.

GCS, Inc. Believes, “When In Doubt, Check It Out” Its everyone’s responsibility to keep people with disabilities safe.

GCS, Inc. is committed to protecting the people supported from harm without exception. We have Trained Agency Investigators on staff to quickly respond to any allegation of Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment or Exploitation. When this Sort of Allegation is reported, We Immediately contact the TN Department of Intellectual and Development Disability so an Investigation can begin.

GCS, Inc. has a Management Plan and Staff Development Classes to prevent incidents of Abuse, Neglect and Mistreatment. We have clearly posted contact numbers at every program site to allow staff to directly contact the State of Tennessee to report Suspected Incidents. The Agency has strict policy against retaliatory actions as a result of Reporting Abuse Allegations.

The Family is Always Notified of All Allegations.

Anyone can Report Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment or Exploitation by Calling the TN Department of Intellectual and Development Disabilities at: 1-800-579-0023